« I have thought a lot about how to get this project off the ground and in what form to develop it. I wanted to inspire people not only through special events but also on a daily basis and I have been able to observe how people have become ambiguous towards protecting the environment. The weariness of constantly hearing that planet is not doing well, that it is our fault, makes us all feel guilty and impotent.

Faced with this over-exposure “green”, people don’t necessarily want to hear about it because they don’t know what they can to do to change the situation! The grand majority think that we are going to have to retrograde: drive in a horse and buggy, wash their clothes by hand, and live by candle light or no longer use central heating.

But there are tangible solutions!!! These solutions are simple to put in place, not expensive, efficient and durable. It is here that I want to make my contribution – a message far from an ideal perfect world, and certainly far from touching only a privileged part of the population. Just a way bring some solutions to the table! »

Gwénaël, Founder of OTONÔM

WHO ARE WE ? offers a selection of solutions which are ecological, profitable, durable and easy to install.

Rue Margensault, 61
4890 Thimister
TVA : BE 0843 495 073

OTONÔM saw from one day to the next the fatigue as a result of the constant change we are experiencing in the modern age, and the tendency to voice the problem more so than exploring possible solutions that we could put in place.

We have decided to bring together, in one place, a range of useful solutions which will help to minimise our energy dependence by reducing heating, electricity and water bills. In addition to bringing more than adequate solutions, a wholesome home both on the inside and outside makes for a happy vision for the future.

OTONÔM’s goal is to increase comfort whilst reducing effort. In fact, all of our products have selected with this goal in mind – a simple gesture which brings savings without the hassles..


In order to best respond to your needs, OTONÔM is constantly looking for products to harmonise with your requirements and be unobtrusive throughout your interior space. OTONÔM is not only useful for individuals, but also larger collectives or organizations as well. Be you a concerned homeowner or working in a hostel, bed and breakfast, hotel, camping ground, sporting club, restaurant, hospital, school or small business, we have the ecological solution for you!

Contact us and we will help you select the appropriate products for your needs.


  • Well known recognizable brands !
  • Real life savings from every product !
  • Online store open 24/7 !
  • 100% secure payment !
  • An ethical and sustainable vision for the future !


OTONÔM is the phonetic spelling of the French word for autonomous, relating to an autonomous home.

  • In architecture an autonomous dwelling is a building which leaves a smaller carbon footprint.
  • Autonomous also signifies a product which is self-activating. Once installed, most of products require no further user interaction – it creates the saving all by itself!
schéma les 3 'o' du logo Otonôm


Each colour represents a different aspect of long-lasting development. The blue represents financial, the green ecological and the pink social aspects.

In order for actions and our behavior to have an impact, it is important that these 3 aspects are considered equally.

OTONÔM has undertaken to provide you with a range of products corresponding to this image and philosophy. Only a company in harmony with these aspects can really be at the cutting edge.

We worry about your finances through energy savings and thus cost savings, realized though the products present in our range.

But also the ecological side, our products will help you to reduce your environmental footprint. Your house will become greener and depend less on fossil fuels. We propose solutions to use less toxic products, to produce less waste… OTONÔM will help you to you to be kind to the environment on a daily basis.

And last of all, the social side. By reducing your energy consummation, OTONÔM can help to increase your buying power. No long pushed and encouraged to consume more and more for a trivial result, we can help to offer you a more agreeable lifestyle in harmony with the community. Our philosophy is always the least effort for the most comfort; we will help you to lead a simple life through concrete solutions and realistic actions on a daily basis.

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01 Feb 14
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