Eliminator of toilet smells


Each time you flush, the patented ECO eliminator comes into contact with water and air and neutralizes smells without using any chemical product and without releasing any perfume.


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  • The action of both water and air on the ECO smell eliminator destroys odorous molecules and smells disappear. The special alloy of stainless steel acts as a catalyst and cleanses the air.
  • The ECO smell eliminator is a hundred percent ecological solution.
  • Its duration is unlimited.
  • Very easy to install :
    Hang the pebble in the toilet bowl, be careful it is in contact with the water when you flush.
    The pebble neutralizes bad smells.
  • Pebble made of stainless steel, circled by a plastic ring.
  • It can be installed on all standard toilet bowls
  • Length : 14cm
  • Please clean the pebble with white vinegar and with a microfiber cloth regularly, to avoid fur sediments.


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