Balles de lavage


With washing balls, you put less detergent and suddenly, you use less water for rinsing !


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Remember when the washerwomen beating clothes for cleaning. Washing balls reproduce the same action. They allow to use 20% less laundry product . The bullets also soften the machine, so you use less fabric softener too.

  • natural rubber
  • resist to very high temperatures
  • for life!

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12 anti-scale washing balls Simply put the washing balls and the laundry in the washing machine.

They knead the laundry deeply, just like in the days of our grandmas when they used washboards.
19.42 € 25.95 €
100% biodegradable laundry - Citron 100 % biodegradable laundry soap from Marseille and essential oils . Allergen-free , no coloring , no preservatives, the washing solution leaves no harmful residue on your machine and the environment

Perfume : LEMON
La cigale verte
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