Multi-purpose microfiber cloth


The microfiber « La Droguerie Ecologique » cleans all surfaces : work surface, sink, ceramics, tiles, car body, …… without any scuffmarks, bobbles, and without any cleaning product.

Colours : green, yellow, pink or blue (to be specified when ordering)


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  • The microfiber « La Droguerie Ecologique » is a high-quality product, which is made up of synthetic fibers. Those fibers are ultra-thin, absorbent and especially abrasive.
  • They have an amazing power to grip thanks to their structure, and are really effective to clean the kitchen, shower rooms, cars, windows, glasses, …… without any cleaning product.
  • Made in Austria
  • Size : 40 x 40 cm


  • They can be used for dry-cleaning or cleaning with a slightly wet cloth. Most of the time there is no need to use cleaning products, and if you use some, please only use 20 per cent of your usual doses.
  • The microfiber is machine-washable (up to 60° with no softener).
  • Pay attention : don’t use the cloths on polished or lubricated surfaces.


The microfibers that have been selected by “The ecological hardware shop” are particularly remarkable for the extraordinary amount of microscopic fibers in each gram of the product. For those microfibers it reaches 0,2 dtx, which is equal to 50 kilometers of microscopic fibers for 1 gram of the product.
The smaller that measure is, the more efficient the product is for cleaning.


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Duo pack of microfibers Pack which contains one blue multi-purpose microfiber cloth use and one green microfiber cloth to clean the windows

Two cloths of 40x40cm
2.23 € 4.05 €