Anti-scale ring


You just have to put the ring in the cold water tank of the coffee machine and then to fill it with water as usual. The limestone molecules found in the water change into crystals that can't be deposited on the walls as easily.


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Magnet covered with a white propylene film for the coffee machine (to be put in the water compartment).

  • Save time instead of regular descaling.
  • No more aggressive chemical agents.
  • Save energy ! a light layer of limestone means an increase in consumption by 30%.
  • Almost unlimited longevity.
  • Suitable for classic Senseo coffee machines that don’t have a digital indications.


  • Magnetic scale ring ! Please don’t put it next to video devices or cardiac peacemakers. As a general rule, avoid putting it next to devices that have electronic components. Not suitable for coffee machines where water is heated in the tank.
  • In those anti-scale products there are magnets emit magnetic fields when the drum is rotating. Those fields can modify the structure of the limestone crystals that are dissolved in the water, as well as their depositing power. Thus, the result is less limestone in the machine.

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