Anti-scale disk for dishwaher


Powerful anti-scale disk equipped with fous magnets for the dishwasher.

Can be placed easily and stably in the dishwasher.

Saving of regenerating salt and rinsing liquid.


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In those anti-scale products there are magnets emit magnetic fields when the drum is rotating. Those fields can modify the structure of the limestone crystals that are dissolved in the water, as well as their depositing power.

Thus, the result is less limestone in the machine as well as in the laundry, which enables you to use less softener.


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Anti-scale ring You just have to put the ring in the cold water tank of the coffee machine and then to fill it with water as usual. The limestone molecules found in the water change into crystals that can't be deposited on the walls as easily. Ecodis
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Anti-scale ring for the toilet Magnet covered with a green propylene film (to be put in the toilet flush).

Prevents the formation of lime scale.
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Anti-scale ball Test the new anti-scale washing ball and you will be convinced of its many benefits :
50% washing less
50% washing up liquid less
30% of energy saving
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