Duo socket with switch – white


Electrical appliances use energy permanently even if you don't use them. This consumption is expensive. But it's very easy to change your behavior if you install this mono socket with switch. With one click, you can win money !


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This duo socket is very useful to disconnect the micro-wave oven (6.60 €) and the Senseo coffee machine (4.5 € a year) for instance. 

The standby mode and the hidden activity of your electrical appliances use electricity permanently.

If you sum all those power consumptions, you can reach up to
420 € (according to the CRIOC).

Here is an example of energy use :

  • TV set : 20  a year
  • DVD-player : 23  a year
  • Hi-Fi system : 20  a year
  • Decoder : 22  a year
  • Computer and peripherals : 50  a year

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Duo white socket To reduce the consumption of your appliances on standby the whole TV. This double socket is ideal. It allows you, for example, to the decoder into an electrical outlet and connect the other strip with a switch to turn off the TV, DVD, ... CHACON
3.14 €