6x16A multi-socket WITH switch

Ref : MULTIP_6

Multi-socket with switch – 4 sockets. Perfect to switch off your electrical appliances in the standby mode (TV-set, computer, …).

Color : grey

Cable length : 1.5 meter.


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This multi-socket is very useful to disconnect the micro-wave oven (6.60 €) and the Senseo coffee machine (4.5 € a year) for instance. 

The standby mode and the hidden activity of your electrical appliances use electricity permanently. 

If you sum all those power consumptions, you can reach up to 
420 € (according to the CRIOC).

Here is an example of energy use : 

  • TV set : 20  a year
  • DVD-player : 23  a year
  • Hi-Fi system : 20  a year
  • Decoder : 22  a year
  • Computer and peripherals : 50  a year 

All our multi-sockets contain a circuit-breaker in order to avoid over-tension in the electricity network. They also guarantee durability for your devices.

  • Cable opposite the switch.
  • Foot switch to switch off all your devices easily.
  • Thanks to the cable placed opposite the switch, it can be put under a piece of furniture.
  • Removal switch for the transmitter.
  • Can be fixed on the wall (at the back).
  • Socket with child lock safety.
  • Foot switch and LED control.

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Multi-socket 6 WITH switch /LIGHTNING ARREST/1,5m Multi-socket with switch – 6 sockets.

Perfect to switch off your devices in standby mode (TV-set, computer, …).

Resists the effects of lightning !

Color : grey.

Cable length : 1.5 m.
19.90 €